How to save money

Second post – How to adult – Savings

*These are my own views. I’m not endorsed by anyone mentioned. This is a blog sharing my thoughts on life*

One of the hardest things to do as a adult is save.

“You are drawn to the life now not later.” – YOLO for short.

With rising costs and stalling incomes, the current generation of humans are struggling with debt and even worse unfulfilled potential.

So who has time to save let alone pause for a breath.

A couple of months ago i started a journey from £1367 pounds worth of debt to £0.

After much penny pinching, I reached my goal and i thought what now. i can’t go back to a life of over consumption.

That’s where i bumped into Chip.

Chip is a new micro savings app. The whole idea is to save 💰 effortlessly. Chip acts like a bank and take small amounts regularly from your bank account.

In the last month I’ve put away about £300 pounds effortlessly. All varying in range from £1.38 to £30.50.

If you want to get started then follow this link —–> SBHKRX to start with 1% interest. Save without feeling it, spend on what matters.

Currently they are still brand new but there are many joining into the party and you’ll soon find other apps like Squirrel and Folio taking a slice of the cake.

Talk soon.


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